What is it ? Copyright is a legal term refering to rights given to creators for their literary and artistic works.

Works protected by copyright include not only books, musical works, paintings, sculpture, and films, but also applies to computer programs, databases, advertisements,geographic maps, and technical drawings.

TOUNINA CONSULTING’s experts will competently assist you in any stage of your creation,to succesfully protect, defend and promote your copyright.

  • consultancy on the protection of a creation ;
  • Implementation of a creation protection ;
  • Irrefutable evidences of your creations);
  • Negotiating, transfer and licence contracts drafting.

TOUNINA CONSULTING is an Industrial Property consulting firm, under Mr. TOUNINA Amine’s leadership, an authorized industrial property attorney registered on the industrial property counsels list, maintained by the Moroccan office of industrial and commercial property (OMPIC), with more than 5 years of experience as a trade names, trademarks and oppositions examiner at the “OMPIC”.

With its considerable experience and a very firmly forward-looking approach, our firm, through its highly qualified staff, seeks to assist and support you in identifying, protecting, valuating and defending your company’s immaterial assets that are, in fact, your future strengths.

Your futur is ours, make it together 

                               TOUNINA Amine