Industrial designs and models

C’est quoi ? 

Within the meaning of the article 104 of the law 17.97 on PI protection « is considered as industrial design any composition or assemply of of lines or colors, and as an industrial model any plastic form, wether it is or not associated to lines or colors, Such composition or form shall be required to give a special appearance to a product of industry or handicraft and be able to serve as a pattern for a product of industry or handicraft ».

Regarding industrial D&M protection, TOUNINA CONSULTING implements a global intervention :


  • Search of prior applicant with an availability opinion ;
  • Trademark filing, registration  and renewal procedures.
  • Handling of examination procedures, opposition and administrative objections;
  • Posterior act registration and inscriptions.
  • Contracts and agreements drafting and negotiating (licenses, transfer, confidentiality agreements…)

TOUNINA CONSULTING is an Industrial Property consulting firm, under Mr. TOUNINA Amine’s leadership, an authorized industrial property attorney registered on the industrial property counsels list, maintained by the Moroccan office of industrial and commercial property (OMPIC), with more than 5 years of experience as a trade names, trademarks and oppositions examiner at the “OMPIC”.

With its considerable experience and a very firmly forward-looking approach, our firm, through its highly qualified staff, seeks to assist and support you in identifying, protecting, valuating and defending your company’s immaterial assets that are, in fact, your future strengths.

Your futur is ours, make it together 

                               TOUNINA Amine