« Your futur is ours, make it together »

Nowadays, no economic entity can ever be completely secure from competition that is increasingly becoming the major challenge, as economic cycles get shorter; the pace accelerates, implying the need to improve the professional skills as they are a key to success.

To meet the challenge, every company that aspires to leadership must consider creativity and innovation as key level to promote its performance. These values are the key element that allows us to make benefit from opportunities that we are offered, in order to expect a strong, sustainable and stable growth.

We believe that being good is simply not enough, being excellent is. This excellence can only be achieved by having a different and a distinctive process.

By adopting a solution- focused approach and by building a strong trust and a lasting relationship with its clients, our firm strives for excellence in all its services.

This is why we are pleased to make this platform available for our clients; it includes a whole range of services fully dedicated to respond to your expectations and questions. Our platform is also a bridge between us and our clients, a space of exchange and communication.

In a context where everything is so expeditiously changing and where adaptability and vigilance are more required, creating, protecting, exploiting and defending your intellectual property rights is not that easy.  Our qualified team is willing to assist you protecting your valuable assets: Innovation and creation.

For all these reasons, we invest our effort to better know about your company’s specificities, and your competitive environment in order to define the management strategy for your intellectual property rights. We make it closely with you, based on your special requirements.

We appreciate your visiting, looking forward to meeting you.



TOUNINA CONSULTING is an Industrial Property consulting firm, under Mr. TOUNINA Amine’s leadership, an authorized industrial property attorney registered on the industrial property counsels list, maintained by the Moroccan office of industrial and commercial property (OMPIC), with more than 5 years of experience as a trade names, trademarks and oppositions examiner at the “OMPIC”.

With its considerable experience and a very firmly forward-looking approach, our firm, through its highly qualified staff, seeks to assist and support you in identifying, protecting, valuating and defending your company’s immaterial assets that are, in fact, your future strengths.

Your futur is ours, make it together 

                               TOUNINA Amine