The Client and its innovations are on top of our priorities and the main concerns of our firm.


  • Professional framework :


Our profession of IP counsel is regulated and requires an authorization from the Moroccan office for industrial and commercial property.


This profession practice conditions are enshrined in the law n° 17.97 on industrial and commercial property as amended and completed by laws n° 23.13 and 31.05.


In addition, as a member of a regulated profession, we follow strict rules of professional conduct, under the control of the Moroccan Association of Industrial Property Attorneys (AMACPI), which is a guarantee for the client privacy and security.


  • Professional secret :


In the practice of his profession, the industrial property attorney is bound by professional secrecy.


  • Professional liability insurance :


TOUNINA CONSULTING has a professional liability insurance contracted with «  ALLIANZ MAROC ».


  • Financial guarantee :


TOUNINA CONSULTING has a financial guarantee contracted with « ALLIANZ MAROC ».



TOUNINA CONSULTING values are the result of fundamental professional requirements :




Industrial property as it is a multidisciplinary area requires special competences both technical and legal.


TOUNINA CONSULTING puts at your disposal its considerable experience as an expert in industrial property.

 We make sure to better understand the specifics of you business line through our tailored approach, so that

By means of our personalized and comprehensive approach we ensure a perfect match between your business development needs and challenges your compagny may faces.

So that our our competence is :

  • Insured by an experienced and high qualified team, and assisted by a network of carefully selected correspondants which guarantee effective and quick intervention.
  • Maintained through an internal and external training policy.
  • Widely recognized in professional areas;
  • Optimized through satisfaction surveys with our clients.




Protecting your ideas, managing your rights prorfolio, and advising you in industrial property is the way to becoming performant in your line of business.

TOUNINA CONSUTLING services are not limited to the only legal level. Our significant experience, know-how and competences (marketing, engineering and research) are dedicated to ensure a professional and customized  management of your portfolio of rights.


TOUNINA CONSULTING’s client is a preferred partner. This is why we remain at your entire disposal to provide support and solutions..


Professional visits are also proposed, to fully understand your expactations and needs and  so that we could bring you the most adequate and most high-return, effective solution in regards to your specific needs. 


Aware that time control is a key factor in business lines and an important quality and performance feature, we are committed to diligently processing your requests and implenting all necessary ressources in order to ensure that deadlines are met.

TOUNINA CONSULTING is an Industrial Property consulting firm, under Mr. TOUNINA Amine’s leadership, an authorized industrial property attorney registered on the industrial property counsels list, maintained by the Moroccan office of industrial and commercial property (OMPIC), with more than 5 years of experience as a trade names, trademarks and oppositions examiner at the “OMPIC”.

With its considerable experience and a very firmly forward-looking approach, our firm, through its highly qualified staff, seeks to assist and support you in identifying, protecting, valuating and defending your company’s immaterial assets that are, in fact, your future strengths.

Your futur is ours, make it together 

                               TOUNINA Amine